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Learning Centre Program

As a Learning Centre, Beafield Education Centre (BEC) is purpose designed in its staffing, programs and facilities to support the re-engagement of students excluded by their enrolling schools for highly challenging behaviour and complexity. BEC provides personalised, intensive academic and behaviour programs within small group learning contexts (10 students), resourced with 2 full time teachers and for all intent and purpose performs the function of a Tier 2  level of intervention. This intervention supports students for up to 10 weeks, the maximum length of a school exclusion (unless extension is sought) consistent with the Suspension, Exclusion and Expulsion (SEE) Guidelines within the DfE School Discipline Policy. 


Excluded students may be allocated to a Junior (Reception), Primary (year levels 1- 4),  Middle School  (year levels 5 - 6) or Secondary program, (year levels 7 - 10). Students participate in a range of learning programs with a focus in the key areas of Literacy and Numeracy, Personal and Social Capabilities and are aligned with the Australian Curriculum.

Beafield Education Centre provides students, their families, school, service and other agency personnel with daily feedback via student diaries, emails and by telephone, as well as documented mid-placement Review and Transition  Reports. The reports refer to the student’s placement goals that have been translated into SMARTAR goals and identify  specific strategies that best support the student's behavioural and learning profile, supporting their re-engagement and success back in their mainstream school. The reports also include detailed information on student progress in literacy, numeracy, social skills and other curricula.

Students eligible for taxi transport must be between 6 -12 years of age and live more than 5 km from the Learning Centre Program.  Taxi exemption may be sought at entry meeting in collaboration with BEC Case Worker but is not guaranteed.

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Aligning Curriculum for Competency in Education and Purposeful Transition (ACCEPT) aims to offer:  An Inclusive and restorative educational program, assisting students with Autism Spectrum to re-engage in educational settings through a highly structured, flexible accessible and personalised learning program, encompassing evidence based intensive approaches.  

A continuum of teaching approaches will underpin the ACCEPT program that builds student capacity and confidence in the key areas of Literacy and Numeracy and Personal and Social Capabilities enabling participation in learning contexts.  Rigorous pre and post assessments and the development of SMARTAR goals will guide individual student curricula, monitor student achievement and ascertain learning outcomes.  Evidence obtained through this collection of data (Goal Attainment Scale, GAS) will inform teaching practice for adaption in mainstream contexts, supporting the re-inclusion of students. 

The cost of a student placed in ACCEPT program includes the additional resourcing already attached to student such as IESP  or challenging behaviour funds etc. Costs per student attending the ACCEPT program is calculated on 1:7 teacher ratio.  For one student attending the ACCEPT program full time, one seventh of those costs will be charged. The cost for one student per term, attending full time in ACCEPT is $8708.37.   Costs of students attending ACCEPT part time will be calculated on a pro rata basis.  A letter to the Principal will precede any invoicing and will summarise the costs. Should program needs change affecting the ACCEPT cost structure, all participating schools will be notified directly by leadership and information will be made available on the Beafield Education Centre website.





Integrate is an early intervention strategy for students in years 7, 8 or 9 at school (or 12-15 years) who are disengaged, or at serious risk of disengaging from education. This intensive 12 month program commencing in 2018, offers a small and focussed on learning environment (max 16 students) that will nurture and support students to overcome personal, emotional and social barriers and provide opportunities for students to experience individual and educational
success.Lessons will take place in the classroom, within the community, industry and further education
institutions to build student connections and offer real life, applied learning experiences. Through a variety of interactive educational activities, students will increase their Literacy, Numeracy and Social Capabilities whilst working towards Australian Curriculum, SACE and Vocational Education outcomes. 


A detailed explanation of selection processes as swell as the 'Potential Student Application' form can be found below.


Students looking to participate in Integrate will be required to:

  • Be nominated by their school

  • Meet the student selection criteria

  • Complete a Potential Student Application Form

  • Provide additional information as requested

  • Be recommended by the Integrate Student Selection Panel

  • Undertake pre-program assessments (Literacy, Numeracy, Engagement, Wellbeing)

  • Participate in pre-entry conference/ meeting

  • Enrol at Bowden Brompton Community School the 12 month duration of the program

Inclusion Criteria

Students eligible for enrolment in Integrate are:

  • Aged 12-15 years or will be in year 7, 8, 9 of school for the year of their enrolment Integrate

  • Resident of the Northern or North-Eastern Suburbs 

  • Disengaged or at serious risk of disengaging from education

  • Failing or at risk of failing to successful transition to secondary education

  • Students in care (GOM)

  • Involved with DCP

  • Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander (ATSI)

  • Averaging minimum of 70% attendance over the past 12 months

Exclusion Criteria

Students will be ineligible Integrate if they are:

  • Currently under exclusion

  • Chronic non-attenders (less than 70% over last 12 months)

  • Eligible for Special Options

Students will be selected on a case by case basis for the following:

  • Have a verified learning disability

  • Diagnosed with Autism

student selection

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