learning centre placement criteria

Learning Centres (LC) work in collaboration with schools, Partnerships, other centres and Student Support Services (SSS), to provide short term, intensive programs for students who require intervention beyond the capacity of a mainstream classroom.  The Learning Centre Student Placement Guidelines offers information relating to referral processes.


The placement of a student in the learning centre is a collaborative one made with Learning Centre Manager and school delegate. LC Manager makes the final decision regarding placement of students in LC programs to ensure optimal student outcomes are achieved. In exceptional circumstances, an exemption for taxi transport may be sourced for students who fall outside of the taxi transport criteria. In such cases, an exemption maybe sought. An application for exemption can be obtained by ringing BEC administration on 8281 8277.  In some cases the Learning Centre Manager may undertake a risk assessment prior to confirming placement. 


The referral process is outlined below


Download Learning Centre Referral Form below and complete details


Send the completed referral form with the 'Notice of Exclusion' and any other supporting information such as Negotiated Education Plan (NEP), One Plan, EDSAS Behaviour Management List with comment etc to the following address: 




Within 24hrs of Allocation, referrers will be notified of Allocation outcome.  If the student has been allocated to a Learning Centre Program, the Beafield Education Centre transition co-ordinator will contact school delegate and negotiate an entry meeting time.

Beafield Education Centre runs one allocation process per week. This allocation is held on a Wednesday with a referral update being sent by 5pm on day of allocation. Any referral documentation recieved later than 9am on the day of allocation will be considered at the following weeks allocation.

Taxi transport

Taxi transport is provided for students who are 6 -12 years of age. Taxi transport will only be considered if a student lives greater than 5 kilometres from the Learning Centre that the student will attend. Learning and Behaviour Unit Manager, Kathleen Hoare, must approve any exemptions.