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As Manager of Beafield Education Centre, I see the potential for growth existing for every student. This presents opportunities for Beafield Education Centre staff to work in partnership with carers, families, school staff and DECD / outside agencies to creatively design personalised intervention that offers the best chance for all students to succeed in learning and behaviour upon returning back to their mainstream setting.  We are preoccupied with applying quality interventions based on current research, ensuring that our interactions with students and the development of learning programs are authentic, reflecting best practice.  


Success looks different for every student and as such, is celebrated regardless how big or small it is.   We recognise and build on students’ strengths, so outcomes in the areas of personal and social capabilities and in key curriculum areas are achieved. 


I look forward to meeting with you and your student and warmly welcome you to our Beafield Education Centre community.


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Susan Furga

Our Latest News

1st September 2017

Trauma Informed Practice

Beafield Education Centre was presented with a unique opportunity to showcase some examples in the way we have embedded trauma informed strategies and practices in our programs.  This short clip was presented at the DECD Inaugural Trauma Informed Practice in Education Conference, 2017.  


Beafield Education Centre leadership recently attended the Berry Street Education Model training in Melbourne.  This training has affirmed our current practice as well as presenting an opportunity  for us to sharpen our interventions to better support vulnerable youth affected by trauma.

31st March 2017

Restorative Justice

Beafield Education Centre staff have updated their Restorative Practice training and engaged in robust conversation and planning in translating this framework of practice into our setting whilst adopting strength based approaches. 

9th May, 2017

Emotional Coaching

Have your heard about the 5 simple steps of Emotional Coaching used for students who become emotional? 

Our Beafield Education Centre staff are using John

Gottman's research to guide our practice when students struggle to emotionally regulate.  Gottman's research discovered that students who received Emotional Coaching were on an entirely different developmental trajectory and who later became 'emotionally intelligent people'

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